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Upcycle Spaghetti Sauce Jars

by Sher Bailey 30th December 2022




Yesterday, when I was emptying a spaghetti sauce jar of its last yummy contents, I wondered how I might upcycle it into something that could be useful, and even enjoyed. Of course, the crafty ladies of the internet did not disappoint! I continue to be amazed at the creativity that exists out in jar crafts land!

These upcycled jars are so stinking pretty!

I’m crazy about the way these upcycled jars are decorated. The look so clean and elegant and if this cream color wasn’t your thing, any color that suits your decor (or wedding) would be lovely.

(via Too Much Time)

Can you even believe this sweet little lamp used to be a spaghetti jar? What a super cool way to upcycle what may have otherwise been trash. Clever, clever!

This was once a spaghetti jar and now it's a DIY lamp. Very cool.

(via: On the Upcycle)

I absolutely flipped over these upcycled spaghetti sauce jars. I see the knobs on sale at Hobby Lobby all the time, and I never know what to do with them. Next time, I’m grabbing a bunch!

These were once spaghetti sauce jars and now they're absolutely darling storage for the kitchen.

(via Rachel’s Nest)

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