Simple DIY Mason Jar Bridal Shower Favors

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I was in charge of my cousin sister’s bridal shower that was held a few months ago at our ancestral home in Alabama. Since my sister is an ardent coffee fan, I decided to make that a theme for the bridal shower favors. After browsing through a lot of websites for ideas, a tutorial on something turquoise caught my attention.

Mason Jar Bridal Shower Favors
Mason Jar Bridal Shower Favors

How to Make Mason Jar Favors For Bridal Shower

Since we know that coffee is best when it is fresh, I recommend making these favors at a maximum of 2 months in advance.


  • Small glass mason jars
  • Whole coffee beans as per your choice
  • Labels you can download for free from here
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Scissors
  • Text weight 8.5” X 11” printer papers


  1. Fill all the mason jars with the whole coffee beans.
  2. Download and print the labels on the printer paper(s).
  3. Fill in the “Brewing Since:” date as per your personal choice. It could be the year when the would-be bride and groom started dating.
  4. Cut out each circular label and place them on top of the lids.
  5. Secure each lid and label by screwing the lid bands firmly ensuring that the label is placed
  6. Tie the twine around the neck of the jars in a cute bow shape.

Other Cool Mason Jar Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Make mason jar soy candles as bridal favors that boast of being unique and creative. The project is not only easy on your pocket but also uses natural ingredients and recycled materials.

Mason Jar Candle Bridal Shower Favor
Mason Jar Candle Bridal Shower Favor

This idea is great for bridal showers that utilize a baking theme. Insert cookie mix in the mason jars and label them with chalkboard stickers saying “LOVE IS SWEET”. Don’t forget to include the instructions for making the cookies in either a paper scroll or tag attached to the mason jars. You can also use mini mason jars for this project.

Bridal Shower Mason Jar Cookie Mix Favors
Bridal Shower Mason Jar Cookie Mix Favors

I hope you like my ideas and tutorial that use mason jars as bridal shower favors. A great way to tap the potential of the versatile mason jars in wedding décor, what say? I bet that your guests will be more than glad to take the jars home.

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