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Pictures & Memories in Mason Jars

by Sher Bailey 21st March 2023




I was working on another one of my blogs today writing a post about creative ways to hang pictures, and it got me to thinking about showcasing pictures in Mason Jars.

There are some really cool ways to use Mason Jars to display photos, and you know me… I LOVE THEM ALL!

pictures in mason jars

Found on Cup of Delight – How about showcasing wedding pictures from wedding guests in Mason Jars? They’d make great centerpieces, wouldn’t they?

pictures in mason jars

By Dimitris Polychroniadis – While I suppose that these technically don’t qualify as pictures, they are so special I had to include them. The artist calls these “Small Lives in Jars” and I think they’re wonderful.

pictures in mason jars

From Ormolu – This is a sweet way to scrapbook, and to keep track of those special moments with your kiddos or other life events. You must read her post about how she creates the paper strips for this very special jar.

pictures in mason jars

Designed by Emily Kalatzis – This is called a color film memory jar, and I have to admit I’m mad for it. It’s so unusual (and pretty) a way to display memories.

pictures in mason jars

Wendy & Brian Tie the Knot – What better way to commemorate every trip you’ve taken than to store your “memories” in Mason Jars? I l like that they are labeled according to where the mementos were gathered.

pictures in mason jars

And what about you? Do you love these, too? Know of any other great examples of pictures & memories in Mason Jars? Please share! I’d love to see them!

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