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Chalkboard Mason Jars: A Fun How-To

Add a dash of chalkboard paint to a handful of mason jars and deck your center table, window sills, or mantel shelf in a myriad of ways with flowers, candles, or lights. Aside decoration, I learned how useful a mason jar could be for storing your food essentials while going through a tutorial on DecoArt. Nothing fancy was done on the jar, yet the outcome left me awestruck.

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DIY Mason Jar Sconce Making Tutorial

We were just planning to remodel our home decor when my eyes fell upon a stylish wooden sconce with a mason jar in it at a jewelry store, containing pretty flowers. I was taken by its rustic appearance and on googling further came across some interesting designs which could serve as light holders, candle stands or even flower vases. The mason jar sconce tutorial on Rural Life Story helped me in my endeavor.

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Mason Jar Pumpkin Tutorial

Can anyone think of a theme for Halloween without those creepy pumpkins engraved with big eyes and mouth? Most of my friends happen to decorate their homes the same way year after year with bulky pumpkins that are high on price during the fall. In this regard, last year I took the unconventional path courtesy Celebrations and gingered up my abode with adorable mason jar pumpkins (And it had nothing to do with Jack-o’-lantern).

Mason Jar Crafts -Gifts

Mason Jar Glass with Handles: A Galore of Ideas

Having experimented a whole lot of DIYs with my upcycled mason jars, I still keep craving for more. I always had a special fascination for mason jar glasses with handles and was utterly elated when I got four of them as Christmas gifts. Couldn’t wait long to try something innovative on them, plus add faux handles to a couple of spare glasses lying in my kitchen. Let me share with you all that I had planned to do.

Mason Jar Crafts - Garden

DIY Mason Jar Planters

A large chunk of urban dwellers like me cooped inside high-rise apartments are always on the lookout for an outdoor access where a mini garden can be made, giving the eyes a dose of greenery. For some reason, store-bought plastic planters have just not been able to fulfill my desire to grow plants. Surprisingly, while browsing for an environment-friendly alternative, I chanced upon a tutorial on Rental Revival that motivated me to keep my green thumb alive. Read on to know more.

Mason Jar Crafts - Decorating Mason Jar Crafts Fun

DIY Glitter Mason Jars

Add a sparkle to the interiors of your home with a glitter mason jar. You can club a handful of such jars for making a brilliant wedding centerpiece. I was driven into making them after coming across a fantastic post in Ann’s Bridal Bargains.

Mason Jar Crafts -Gifts Mason Jar Crafts Fun

DIY Mason Jar Pin Cushion Tutorial

A pin cushion comes handy to most sewing enthusiasts as digging out the tiny needles and pins from a drawer or box can be irksome. Not only does it provide an accessible spot for the sewing essentials, but you can also keep and carry it anywhere. Few days back I came across a tutorial on Momtastic that showed a simple way to make a no-sew pin cushion with mason jar. Here is my version.

Mason Jar Crafts - Storage

DIY Mason Jar Canisters: A Kitchen Storage Solution

Every time you come home from the grocery store, organizing and storing the umpteen items becomes a challenge. Moreover, if the right food item is not stored in the right container, then the entire time goes digging into the kitchen shelves and cupboards. Putting an end to my daily kitchen misery, The Honeycomb Home showed an easy way to turn plain mason jars into canisters.

Mason Jar Crafts - Lights

How to Make Mason Jar Fairy Lights

Sharpen your art and craft skills by making these delightful mason jar fairy lights that light up a dark night in inimitable style. I was showered with compliments from my friends and family when I made these for a New Year party, inspired by a post in Party Unwrapped.

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Mason Jar Water Bottle: A Cool New How-To

You can never run out of ideas when it comes to recycling mason jars. Keeping in mind about the harmful effects of using plastic drink bottles, I was motivated by the idea of making a mason jar water bottle shared on Very Shannon. Read on to know more about it.