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Mason Jars Theme – Orange

by Sher Bailey 29th December 2022




I have orange on my mind today, so I decided to see what brilliant & talented bloggers have created in combining orange and Mason Jars.

Naturally I wasn’t disappointed. We can make incredible orange-flavored cookies, a super sweet smelling household cleaner, and some spicy snacks in an unusual combination. Mercy, y’all… these are some talented Mason Jar lovin’ people!

orange mason jars
Pin & Begin!

What about orange dreamsicle cookie mix in Mason Jars? The Pinterest Lady whipped up this recipe from Organized Home and then decorated the Mason Jars accordingly in pretty shades of orange. Nice!

orange mason jars
via The Pinterest Lady

I’ve never heard of orange spice roasted chickpeas, so thank goodness for Home Cooking Memories! They’re tossed with orange marmalade, y’all! I think I’m a fan, and I haven’t even tasted them yet. 🙂

orange mason jars
via Home Cooking Memories

From fountainavenuekitchen I learned that apparently I can soak orange peels covered in vinegar for two weeks in a Mason Jar, and I’ll have a non-toxic cleaner. Anyone ever try it?

orange mason jars
via fountainavenuekitchen

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