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Mason Jars for Wedding Sand Ceremony

by admin 24th January 2022




Ubiquitous at most wedding occasions, the sand ceremony symbolizes the unity of two lives (the bride and the groom), and their respective families. You can take the privilege of collecting sand from your favorite beach or just pick the colored ones visiting any art and craft store. As for the glass receptacles, you can rely on mason jars. Just deck the nifty jars and let the couple have a whale of a time playing with the sand.

How to Decorate Mason Jars for Unity Sand Ceremony

Things You’ll Need

  • Mason jars (one quart-size and two pint-size)
  • Different colors of sand
  • Jute twine
  • Chalkboard heart tags (3 would do)
  • Glue

Steps to Follow

  1. Wrap the jute twine around the center of the jars and glue the heart tags.
Mason Jar Sand Ceremony Image
Mason Jar Sand Ceremony Image
  1. Fill the pint-size jars with sand. (I used purple for the pretty bride and blue for our hunk)
Mason Jars Sand Ceremony
Mason Jars Sand Ceremony

Now, let the couple pour the sand from their respective jars into the quart-size jar.

The event was fun to watch reminding me of a 90’s sand art. Our newly-wed couple couldn’t resist giggling while also competing against each other to see who emerges the ultimate winner.

If not for a sand ceremony, you can satiate your craft buds pouring an array of differently colored sand to create whimsical centerpieces for your home. Beginning from 4th of July theme to Christmas decoration, you can also use various decorative ornaments like seashells, marble stones, or pine cones as additions. Something unique from your end is always welcome.

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