Mason Jar Wedding Ideas!

by Sher Bailey 29th December 2022




Spring is on its way – thank goodness. Lots of couples will be tying the knot this spring, and oodles will be looking for Mason Jar wedding ideas. Mason Jars are perfect for a wedding because you can use them in so many ways, and they are really inexpensive to buy in bulk and dress up.

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Mason Jar Wedding Ideas for Spring Weddings

From Brocade Designs: these Mason Jars are dressed up for the wedding reception with orchid blossoms, twine and a white votive. Aren’t they lovely?

Mason Jar wedding ideas for a spring wedding.
via Brocade Designs

From Bubby & Bean She cut up an old catalog and began decoupaging Mason Jars to create candle holders for her wedding. She shows you exactly how she did it and how you can, too.

Mason Jar wedding ideas for a pretty spring wedding.
via: Bubby & Bean

From August & After: I know you’ve seen these Mason Jars with photos in them before. But, I think her tutorial is so great and that she continues to enjoy them long after the wedding is so special, you should give these another look. 

Mason Jar Wedding Ideas for a Spring Wedding
via: August & After

This last one is from me – and while it’s not a Mason Jar, I’m including it here because I think it could very easily be adapted to become a darling Mason Jar wedding idea. I made several of them, and when I light them at night, they are so pretty.

Wedding Center Piece idea using Dollar Store candle holders, keys and vinegar. :-)

First, I took some keys I had – just silver colored regular keys you probably have laying around – nothing fancy, and soaked them all in white vinegar for a couple hours. It gave them a nice rustic patina that I love. Once they were all dry, I coated some of them with Mod Podge and sprinkled them with a very fine glitter dust.

I took an old book and tore out some pages and decoupaged a Dollar Store candle holder with it. While the Mod Podge was wet, I wrapped some twine around the holder several times. When it dried, I added another all-over coat of Mod Podge to the entire thing and sprinkled it with some very fine glitter – the same I used on the key.

Then, I tied my rustic key to another piece of twine, wrapped it around the twine I’d already wrapped around the holder, and secured it with a little knot.

Wedding Center Piece idea using Dollar Store candle holders, keys and vinegar. :-)

Wedding Center Piece idea using Dollar Store candle holders, keys and vinegar. :-)

So there you have it – some pretty Mason Jar wedding ideas. I hope your wedding is WONDERFUL!

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