Mason Jar Sippy Cup DIY

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I had always admired the utility of mason jar sippy cups since I have toddlers at home. However, their price inhibited me from having one of my own. That was until I came across a tutorial on The Glass Baby Bottle, which showed me that making one would not be much of a trouble. My creations have become one of the greatest possessions of my kids and whenever it comes to drinking, they just can’t do without these.

Mason Jar Sippy Cups
Mason Jar Sippy Cups

How to Make Mason Jar Sippy Cups


  • 8 or 4 oz regular neck glass mason jars along with screw on rings
  • Nuby silicone spouts (that are designed for 2 handled 10 oz Nuby cups)

If you want a hard spout sippy cup instead of a soft spout one like Nuby, you can get the plastic inserts of Cuppow that sit snugly inside the rings of the jars. If you want to use plastic mason jars for better handling by the kids, ensure that they are made of safe plastic and BPA free.


  1. Insert the Nuby lid into the ring.
  2. Press it in so that it fits securely.
  3. Screw the ring onto the mason jar.
  4. Repeat with the other jars.
Mason Jar Sippy Cup Lids
Mason Jar Sippy Cup Lids

Other Ideas to Turn a Mason Jar Into a Sippy Cup

Make your own mason jar sippy cups by inserting straws through holes punched in their tops.

Mason Jar Sippy Cups With Straws
Mason Jar Sippy Cups With Straws

Painting Ball mason jars to create unique camo sippy cups is another brilliant idea. Check out our article on mason jar tumblers to get more ideas. Let your babies have a fun time drinking from the homemade spill-proof cups.

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