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5 Super Fun Mason Jar Projects for Kids

by Sher Bailey 30th December 2022




I’m loving today’s featured Mason Jar projects for kids. Is there anything a Mason Jar can’t do? 🙂 If you have kids, you’ll appreciate these fun projects that can teach some very valuable lessons – and are super fun!

mason jar projects for kids


This is such a cool Mason Jar project for kids and Moms. Good Girl and/or Good Boy Jars! Lullaby Lubbock offers her little girl a way to earn lovely events (like ice cream with Dad) by rewarding each little milestone along the way until she has enough to enjoy the big reward.

If she goes to bed without a fuss, or brushes her teeth, or eats healthy, she gets a little something to put in a Mason Jar. I’m doing a terrible job of explaining a very simple (and brilliant) way to reward kids for good behaviors, so be sure you get over to Lullaby Lubbock to learn more about how she’s using Mason Jars to encourage her kids. Love it!

mason jar projects for kids
via Lullaby Lubbock

We all know we should teach our kiddos about money beginning at an early age. I can’t say I did a good job of that at all with my kids. I sure hope they figure it out on their own now that they’re all grown up! 🙂

Shared on the Green Bee Savings Club, this Mason Jar project can help teach your kids all about managing money. Great idea!

mason jar projects for kids
via Green Bee Savings Club

How about whipping up a tornado… in a Mason Jar? Get step by step instructions for this super fun kid’s science project on Kiwi Crate.

mason jar projects for kids
via Kiwi Crate

Also from Kiwi Crate, Mason Jar terrariums! These are so pretty, and offer so many lessons for the kiddos in one project. There is something about getting your hands dirty with your children – great bonding time.

mason jar projects for kids
via Kiwi Crate

And finally, The Vegan Bee did a guest post on the Homeschool Classroom that I think is pretty clever. She shares how she is teaching her kids about aquariums and aquatic plants using Mason Jars – and without any actual fish!  Very cool science lessons here.

mason jar projects for kids
via The Homeschool Classroom

2 thoughts on “5 Super Fun Mason Jar Projects for Kids

  1. Laura says:

    Love the ideas for my school kids!

    1. Sher says:

      Super smart ideas, right?!? Gosh I wish I were as smart and crafty and some of these folks I feature!

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