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20 DIY Mason Jar Gifts

Mason Jar gifts, baby! Wouldn’t it be awesome to create an entire closet full of gifts you make at home from Mason Jars, and have them for every occasion? Think of the money you’d save, not to mention how appreciative the recipients would be when they receive something so thoughtful and unique. 

These clever, craft people are all set to share how they made these super cool Mason Jar gifts. Click any photo, and you’ll pop over to the creator’s site so that you can learn and be inspired.

Mason Jar Gifts

mason jar gifts

By Sher Bailey

Funny woman, author & comedy writer Sher Bailey writes about her love of Mason Jar crafts and wall decor Ideas, as well as funny stories about marriage, divorce, menopause, crap-soaked cats, and everything in between. And there is always plenty of in between.