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Mason Jar Cocktail Recipes

by Sher Bailey 29th December 2022




I don’t know if it’s because it’s getting hot out, or because my liver feels I don’t pay it enough attention. But, I have Mason Jar cocktail recipes on the brain today.  Are ya with me or against me? 🙂

Fact: Mason Jar cocktail recipes are ten times more awesome than regular cocktails. Do you know why?

Because you drink them out of Mason Jars. (You totally saw that coming – I know this.)

4 Deliciously Yummy Mason Jar Cocktail Recipes

mason jar cocktail recipes
When you pin, a unicorn gets a new pair of sneakers. Fact.

This, my darling readers, is a Strawberry Jam Margarita. I kid you not. From Northwest Edible Life comes a cocktail recipe that brings three truly fabulous things together – strawberry jam, Mason Jars, and tequila.

The jam makes it like a breakfast drink, right? 🙂

Mason Jar Cocktail Recipes
via Northwest Edible Life

Have you heard of Cowboy Kahlua? Me either! So Organic Authority shares a recipe for Cowboy Kahlua and it turns out it’s homemade, organic coffee liqueur! Isn’t that cool?

I love that you mix all the ingredients in a Mason Jar and the recipe instructs, “…to let your Cowboy Kahlua sit for about a month to let the ingredients get to know each other.”  Fun!

Mason Jar Cocktail Recipes 2
via Organic Authority

If you have ever in your life seen more delicious looking frozen Daiquiris, you are quite likely the most interesting blog reader in the world. 🙂  The Yummy Life has a MUST HAVE step-by-step recipe that’ll teach you to whip up these make-ahead Mason Jar cocktails. I love these! I think they’re absolutely gorgeous – and I’m sure they’d be the hit of any party.

mason jar cocktail recipes
via The Yummy Life

How about celebrating Derby Day any day of the year you like with these Mint Juleps in Mason Jars? Lisa Frost Studio spray painted her jars a pretty silver and filled them with the minty cocktail.  Party time!

mason jar cocktail recipes
via Lisa Frost Stuido

What do you think? Are you ready to whip up some Mason Jar cocktail recipes of your own?

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