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3 {gorgeous} Mason Jar Chandeliers

by Sher Bailey 29th December 2022




Mason Jar Chandeliers always delight me. There is something about them I am absolutely drawn to. You, too???

They somehow look “innocent,” if I can use that word to describe completely inanimate objects. 🙂

Beautiful Mason Jar Chandeliers - featured on MasonJarCraftsBlog

From BootsNGus, what do you think about this beautiful, hand-crafted Mason Jar chandelier? So rustic and lovely and perfect for your outdoor space or your wedding. Right?

Beautifully rustic Mason Jar chandelier - featured on Momcaster.

I hadn’t seen a Mason Jar chandelier quite like this one from Jared Deal. It’s so colorful! And I love that all the jars are different shapes and sizes.

Beautiful, colorful, DIY Mason Jar chandelier - Momcaster
This outdoor Mason Jar chandelier is sort of my speed. It’s easy enough! DiyCraftsy is the creator behind this beauty, and it’s one you’re going to want to pin so you can get it done by spring.
Before you scoot along, take a look at some of the other Mason Jar lights that have been featured here. There’s a LOT of talent and inspiration to be found!

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