Beautiful Mason Jar Candles

by Sher Bailey 24th January 2022



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I love these Mason Jar candles SO MUCH! How can I not? Aren’t they completely lovely?

Sadly, since I first posted these amazon candles, it appears the Backwoods Charm website (the original creator) is no longer live. Breaks my heart that we can’t pop over there and buy them now, but I’ll cross my fingers they’ll come back soon.

In the interim, I wanted to see if I could figure out where we might buy the pieces that make up these candles.  My best guess (for what it’s worth) is that the Mason Jars could be decorated with different kinds of adhesive “pearls.” (See below for my suggestions.)

mason jar candle
via Backwoods Charm

Buying the jars is easy. You can get those lots of places – find out more here.

From Amazon, you might try some of these to decorate the outside of the jars. These pearls are self-adhesive, so you can just stick them right on the jar itself. I’ve used these adhesive embellishments for lots of projects, so they’d likely be perfect to use on your Mason Jars.

And to make the actual “candle” inside the jar, maybe give something like this a try:

(These are affiliate links. That means if you buy your supplies via my blog, I’ll receive a small commission and it costs you nothing extra. Many thanks!)

Please let me know if you make your own beautiful version of these Mason Jar candles. I’d love to see them! They’d be so perfect for weddings!

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