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DIY Mason Jar Night Light Tutorial

by admin 29th December 2022




Imagine how enchanting the backyard of your house would look when it’s decorated with a mason jar night light glorifying the outdoor ambiance. Taking help from NoBSMom, I made my version of a glittery night light with the nifty jars few weeks ago. Scroll down and learn the simple trick of turning mason jars into glowing wonders.

How to Make a Mason Jar Night Light

Things needed

  • Mason jars (I picked two half pint jars)
  • Flameless tea lights (I needed just two)
  • Glitters (use as many shades as possible for a multicolor effect)
  • Paintbrush
  • Decoupage glue


  1. Apply the glue to the inside of the jars with the paintbrush and then add some glitters.
  2. Cover the jars with the lids and shake well till the glitters get scattered all over the inside. (You can also roll around the jars until the insides are coated properly with the glitters)
  3. Remove the lids, pour some more glue into the jars, and sprinkle all the remaining glitters.
  4. Allow the jars to dry overnight.
  5. Switch on the tea lights and place them on the inside of the jar lids.
  6. Put the glittery mason jars on the top.
Mason Jar Night Light
Mason Jar Night Light

The glimmering mason jar night lights would be the best fit for embellishing the porch or even the wide window sills at night apart from your verdant backyard.

A Few Creative Ways to Make Mason Jar Night Lights

Coated with a glass frosting spray and glass paints the solar mason jar lights give off a subtle glow amid the dark.

Mason Jar Solar Night Lights
Mason Jar Solar Night Lights

Taking a cue from here, you can now light up your warm summer nights with a firefly jar glowing at one corner of the room.

Firefly Night Light Mason Jar
Firefly Night Light Mason Jar

Adding a soothing charm to your outdoor space, mason jar night light is the right combination of simplicity and vintage beauty. I would love it if you can share some innovative ideas to enhance the look of the jar lights.

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