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DIY Mason Jar Coffee Mug

by admin 21st March 2023




During my Christmas shopping spree last year, I caught sight of a beautiful mason jar coffee mug encircled neatly with leather. The high price tag refrained me from buying it, but I could not get the pretty design off my eyes. Finally, while googling for something else I chanced upon a similar design on Snapguide and wasted no time in trying my hands at making a cool looking travel coffee mug that I desperately needed to carry off to work. Here is how I did it:

How to Turn a Mason Jar into a Travel Coffee Mug: DIY


  • Mason jar (size is up to you)
  • A strap of leather to wrap the jar (I used one of my DH’s worn out belt)
  • A screwdriver
  • Leather string
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cuppow mason jar adapter (for your mason jar coffee mug lid)


  1. Separate the lid from the metal band
  2. Cut the leather to a proper shape and size sufficient enough to wrap the jar.
  3. Mark the holes where the string will be threaded
  4. Use a screwdriver to punch the holes
Mason Jar Coffee Mug Picture 1
Mason Jar Coffee Mug Picture 1
  1. Cut the string in proper size
  2. Loop it through the holes of the leather strap
  3. Now wrap the leather around the mason jar (You can paste it firmly on the jar using hot glue)
  4. To give it the look of a travel mug, attach the Cuppow and secure it with the metal ring or band.

Here we are with a stylish coffee mug, which is portable enough to be carried out while the leather straps shield your finger from the heat.

Mason Jar Coffee Mug
Mason Jar Coffee Mug

Other Mason Jar Coffee Mug Ideas

To add a straw to your coffee mug you just need to insert one through the hole in the Cuppow as shown in the image below.

Mason Jar Coffee Mug with Straw
Mason Jar Coffee Mug with Straw

To gift it to someone for any special occasion, tie a showy ribbon around it, burlap or twine might be your choice in case you want a rustic look.

Mason Jar Travel Coffee Mug

Attach a faux leather handle to your mason jar as shown here, to make it look like a perfect coffee mug.

Mason Jar Coffee Mug Holder
Mason Jar Coffee Mug Holder

Instead of the Cuppow you can drill a hole into the lid of your jar and add a faux leather handle. Carry an undrilled lid while using it as a travel cup.

Mason Jar Coffee Cup
Mason Jar Coffee Cup

You can dress your mason jar coffee or tea cup with something warm if you are a knitting enthusiast.

Mason Jar Coffee and Tea Cup
Mason Jar Coffee and Tea Cup

Ceramic mason jars come with an attractive and showy look compared to the glass ones. In case you have planned to use one for your coffee cup, decorate it further to give it a sparkly look.

With a host of enticing ideas in your kitty, I am sure you would be able to create a lot of cool looking coffee mugs or cups with mason jars to add to your crockery set, use while traveling or to give away as gifts.

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