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DIY Mason Jar Canisters: A Kitchen Storage Solution

by admin 30th December 2022




Every time you come home from the grocery store, organizing and storing the umpteen items becomes a challenge. Moreover, if the right food item is not stored in the right container, then the entire time goes digging into the kitchen shelves and cupboards. Putting an end to my daily kitchen misery, The Honeycomb Home showed an easy way to turn plain mason jars into canisters.

How to Make Painted Mason Jar Canisters


  • Mason jars (use quart-size jars for sufficient storage)
  • Paints (chalk paints in my case)
  • Paint brush
  • Chalkboard hangers

What you need to do

  1. Use the brush to apply a single coat of the paint on the mason jars and wait till it completely dries.
  2. Apply the second coat and leave it for drying.
Mason Jar Canisters Picture
Mason Jar Canisters Picture
  1. Screw the lids to the jars and tie the chalkboard hangers around them.
  2. Label each jar by writing the name of the food item on the tag that’s going to be stored in it, and your jar canister set is ready!
Mason Jar Canisters
Mason Jar Canisters

Another option is to paint the center of the jars with chalkboard paint and mark them with chalk in case you do not have the chalkboard hangers.

You can also settle with pint-size jars if you are unable to avail the bigger ones. So the first leg of my kitchen organization project is accomplished. Next week, I would be making some more of these iconic canisters for storing my baking goods. Just give it a try and see how your cooking space stays spic and span.

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