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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Thank you for hanging around with me here on Mason Jar Crafts Blog. To let you know how much I appreciate all the shares, pins, and kindness from each of you, I want to send someone $50 worth of giant holiday candy!

One lucky winner will go into a sugar coma and chocolate-induced hysteria when they receive this giant gift.

Win these giant holiday candy bars from Mason Jar Crafts Blog!


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By Sher Bailey

Funny woman, author & comedy writer Sher Bailey writes about her love of Mason Jar crafts and wall decor Ideas, as well as funny stories about marriage, divorce, menopause, crap-soaked cats, and everything in between. And there is always plenty of in between.

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I’m a Food Historian; mason jars are the best invention since Man discovered how to grow food.

I love Mason Jars first because they are glass and I truly adore glass, it feels good, it looks good, it is good for the environment, it is economical because it can be reused for multiple purposes, and I love Mason Jars because they take me back to growing up, we had them in all colors and shapes and sizes.

I love mason jars because they have a variety of different uses! I don’t think they will every go out of style.

I love mason jars because they have a variety of uses! I don’t think they will go out of style..
(don’t know where my first post went! Sorry if this is a repost!)

I love that you can be very creative and make the mason jar unique with your own personalization.

I like decorating them and putting lights in them for Christmas. And drinking out of them!

There are so many things you can do with Mason jars!! They are completely versatile and are great to use in a million crafts!!

I love the quaint look and the sweet reminder of my younger days that Mason jars evoke.

i love to use mason jars as candy jars, candle holders, jars for sand art….so much to do with them!

The thing that I like most about Mason Jars is the number of things that I can use them for. I use them for anything from drinking to storage to crafts and a thousand things in between.

Mason jars remind me of my childhood! I hope when my granddaughter is grown she will feel the same way about them.

I love mason jars because of their versatility. You can vary the size, decorate the outside, fill it the inside with whatever…not to forget about the original use of canning!

A kitchen/home isn’t complete without a set of Mason Jars! They are great for storage and gift giving.

I like mason jars but never owned any myself. I like the colored ones.would love to have some someday

I love Mason Jars because you can use them for gifts, drinks, a vase or so many other things. It also reminds me of when I was little and we use to can so many fruits and veggies.

I rember milking the cows and putting the milk in mason jars then storing it in the refrigerator, you could see the cream rise to to the top of the jars .

Being the classy trendsetter that I am, I am sitting at my desk on a yoga ball drinking alkaline water from a mason jar, go me!!

I love how versitile Mason Jars are. I use them to make weekly salads, cookie gifts, and canning.

I like mason jars because there’s so many things you can do with them craft wise.

I buy pickles in Mason Jars and I just like to keep dry beans or rice in them after they are empty of pickles.

I love Mason jars because there’s such variety you can use it for decoration, which looks great or use it for food which makes the food even look great! 🙂

I love the simple charm of mason jars. I have an old one filled with buttons that belonged to my grandmother. I love looking at the jar on my desk.

I love mason jars because you can use them for a fancy wedding or just grab them to use as a cup!

they make great themed presents.. put red candy in it for valentines day.. christmas candy for christmas.. they are so versatile..

They are perfect for everything from food storage to candles to cookies in a jar for Christmas presents!

I remember my grandmother and all five of my aunts working in the garden and canning in Mason jars. There would be everything from green beans, squash, and even strawberries. As a grandchild it was our job to get down and help pick, but the fun we all had and the joy of the big picnics that we all got to have and there was many Mason jars on the table year round.

I love that they can be repurposed for lots of different things to make our lives easier.

I like the sheer nostalgia of Mason jars. Who didn’t go to a loved one’s house, and have yummy canned goods, or drink a glass of sweet tea from a Mason jar? My daughter & I went out to lunch one day, and she was delighted when her strawberry lemonade came in a Mason jar, (with sugar on the rim, of course! ; )
🙂 Rhea

What I like about mason jars is that you can use them for different crafts and for recipes (salads and hot chocolate) and they come in different sizes.

I bought a case of mason jars last year because they’re air tight. I plan to store dried beans in them. But, using some of them for crafts has been very appealing to me lately. Looks like I’ll be using them for something new.

You can make so many things with mason jars. From making laterns to drinking from them. Thanks for the chance to win!!

I love Mason Jars as they have been a big part of my married life from canning fruits and vegetables every summer to collecting the very very old ones which sit on my cook book shelves with stirrers from restaurants and hotels that we have stayed in throughout the years.

I love mason jars. I use them for storing all sorts of things. Of course everyone cans things with them but they are great for gifts in a jar or candle holders and flower holders. I have even used the small ones to hold dips and jams to have out on a buffet as decorations.

Mason jars are so versatile. You can do many great crafts and also use them to drink stuff haha. Too bad im not very creative other wise id be making all kinds of stuff with them. We have some regular sized jars for drinking and some mini sized jars for shooting.

I love using mason jars to give gifts, it presents beautifully and once the person empties it they have a very functional and durable piece to do with what they want!

I like Mason Jars because they have so many different uses. Great for storing small items, craft supplies, make gifts in a jar, etc. Plus they are reusable.

My grandmother use to to can any and everything you could think of, so I still have some of her Mason jars at home.

I love the versatility of Mason jars – they can be used for decorations, crafts, or food/drinks!

I love that they are airtight and can be used to store all kinds of stuff I even use them to store craft items too.

I love mason jars. I use them for everything. Canisters for my sugar, coffee, flour, tea bags. I also use them for my crafts, I have them filled with cinnamon, rusty bells, lace, material scraps. I also use them in the bathroom for q-tips, cotton balls. And I can using them, drink out of them, store stuff in the fridge and decorate them.

I like how versatile they are with decorating. My favorite way is filling up a mason jar with vintage marbles; so pretty!

Love them because they are so versatile. They are great for crafts, storing products, and storing food especially my sisters homemade pickles.

My grandmother, who could grow and can like crazy, “put up” veggies in Mason jars. She would send me to the root cellar to get a pint/quart and it was always an adventure for this Calif. kid. She also had a stash in the tornado cellar just in case we had to stay a while.
I do my own canning now and just looking at an empty Mason jar reminds me of my special grandmother.

Mason jars are great for pickling and preserving vegetables and fruit, and have been a family favorite for many years!

I love mason jars because they are so timeless and can conceivably find a home in any decorating style, dressed up or down accordingly. They are thrifty and evocative of calmer times.

I like them because they have been around forever. My mom canned a lot of green beans and pickles in them.

I LOVE mason jars! I love them for fermenting veggies and cabbage, I love them for crafting, I used a whole lot of them at my daughter’s wedding as decorations for tables, I use them as glasses to drink lemonade and tea…I just LOVE them!

I like that they give off a laid back and relaxed vibe. It’s funny that it use to be considered a hillbilly or trashy thing to drink out of them. They were a joke but now everyone uses them.

I love the memories they bring back. They remind me of watching my Grandmas canning beans, the mason jar that my Grandpa collected junk in, or the ones we drank out of!

I LOVE mason jars. I switched our plastic glasses out and went to mason jars about a year ago. Top with a cuppow lid and makes the perfect container for any drinks!! Love, Love, Love mason jars. Even have a dog named mason 🙂

I like that they have been around for so long and are still used for their original purpose, as well as others.

I love mason jars because my mother always used them for drinking glasses and I do now, too! They always come in handy for storage, too.

I love the fact that Mason Jars can be used over and over, not just for canning, but for drinking, freezing foods, and for creating awesome crafts.

I like Mason jars because I can use them for canning, storing food or other items, craft and re use them over and over again.

wow those are amazing so pretty i can in them, and i have used them for storage but never really thought about making crafts out of them, and those are amazing… wow. wow wow. thanks for the amazing giveaway love it

I love Mason Jars the best to do my canning with. My grandson loves drinking out of them. We love using them as pencil holders, change jars and instead of a junk draws we have a junk Mason jar where anything little goes into.

Mason jars are so versitile and come in colors so you can make just about anything you want with them 😉

I love Mason jars because of the versatility of uses for them. And that you can upcycle them!

I love Mason jars for all of their wonderful, multi-functional qualities. From canning and candle making to eco-friendly packaging, I use them all the time. Thanks for facilitating this giveaway! You have a great blog. 🙂

I love Mason Jars because they are so versatile and you gave me some lovely ideas for Christmas Gifts in them. Thank you!

i like mason jars because you can use them for a bunch of different things.crafts,drinking out of them,put food in them,make candle holders out of them,etc…

I love mason jars for several reasons. I love vintage things, so I love them for the vintage look of them. I love to use them to store food in. Then there’s all the great crafts you can make. There beautiful with Christmas lights.

I Love the history or more exactly my history with Mason Jars. It brings back memories of my mom and grandmother canning everything from green beans to tomatoes to okra, you name it and they put them in a Mason Jar.

I use the very small mason jars for homemade salves and ointments, the very large wide mouth jars for cookies and soups, and the half pints for spice storage. There is not a thing that you cannot do with a bit of imagination and a mason jar!

I love all the possibilities! You can use them for canning, of course, but for crafts, you can use them for almost anything. And you can put cookie or cake mixes in them to give as gifts. Plus, they can be reused!

I keep loose change in one, one has pieces of scented candle wax…it makes my closet smell fantastic!

I love mason jars because they are see-through and make my pantry look so organized. I keep all of my baking stuff in them, canned goods, pasta, etc.

They are so versatile. They can be used for storage as well as gifts. Thanks for the giveaway.

I love Mason Jars because they can be used for so many things! Canning, gifting, drinking out of, a ton of things.

The thing I love about mason jars are that are so many different ways to use them and which ever way you choose, the final product always looks elegantly homemade.

I like the way Mason Jars look and the unlimited possibilities for crafts and other ideas to use them. I use them to store makeup brushes and other beauty products.

i love the style of mason jars .. i love to make crafts and candles out of them, and of course there great for canning

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