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Easy Mason Jar Spice Rack Tutorial

My kitchen spice rack used to be a mess with unkempt bottles and jars that I found hard to identify that which one contained which spice. There was spice strewn everywhere on the rack and there was an inevitable mixture of the spices. In one word, it was complete disorganization, to say the least. The days that I earmarked for cleaning the kitchen would almost drive me crazy while cleaning the spice rack. Being an avid net surfer, one day I unexpectedly tripped upon a wonderful spice storage idea outlined in A COZY KITCHEN that I tried out for myself.

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DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Set

Enhance your bathroom décor with a quaint mason jar bathroom set that adds a hint of charm to the otherwise plain surroundings. Since the commercial ones are pricey, it would be the best option to go the DIY way for a lively bathroom space customized to fit your aesthetics. Add to it, the immense satisfaction you get after finishing a homemade project.

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Mason Jar Vases: Exciting DIYs

A pair of colorful vases made from mason jars that I spotted at my best pal’s baby shower celebrations took my breath away. On returning home, I wasted no further time in checking out a few designs on the web, and a tutorial on momtastic helped me make my first mason jar vase which I flaunted with pride at a house party.

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DIY Mason Jar Sconce Making Tutorial

We were just planning to remodel our home decor when my eyes fell upon a stylish wooden sconce with a mason jar in it at a jewelry store, containing pretty flowers. I was taken by its rustic appearance and on googling further came across some interesting designs which could serve as light holders, candle stands or even flower vases. The mason jar sconce tutorial on Rural Life Story helped me in my endeavor.

Mason Jar Crafts - Storage

DIY Mason Jar Canisters: A Kitchen Storage Solution

Every time you come home from the grocery store, organizing and storing the umpteen items becomes a challenge. Moreover, if the right food item is not stored in the right container, then the entire time goes digging into the kitchen shelves and cupboards. Putting an end to my daily kitchen misery, The Honeycomb Home showed an easy way to turn plain mason jars into canisters.

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Mason Jar Water Bottle: A Cool New How-To

You can never run out of ideas when it comes to recycling mason jars. Keeping in mind about the harmful effects of using plastic drink bottles, I was motivated by the idea of making a mason jar water bottle shared on Very Shannon. Read on to know more about it.

Mason Jar Crafts - Decorating Mason Jar Crafts - Storage

10 Mason Jar Ideas for The Bathroom

I have some of the most incredible mason jar ideas all for your bathroom. I bet you had no idea how many awesome ways you could use these things!

I’m so excited to start making these!

Mason Jar Ideas for The Bathroom

10 Mason Jar Ideas for The Bathroom

I adore these awesome soap dispensers from Love Grows Wild and surprisingly they aren’t hard to make!

This wall organizer from The DIY Playbook is absolutely incredible.  They’re video tutorial makes it super easy to recreate this craft.

This mason jar storage box from Liz Marie Blog holds three jars in the bathroom perfect for cotton balls and other odds and ends.

You can make your own mason jar wall sconce for bathroom lighting!  I never would have thought of this idea I saw on Houzz.

Use a mason jar for a fun toothbrush holder.  Love this!  From Fireflies and Mud Pies.

Keep everyone organized by giving them their own custom jar!  From Lolly Jane.

Paint jars to match your bathroom decor and use them like Happy Go Lucky blog did by holding toothbrushes and Q-tips.

Organize all your bathroom odds and ends in these jars with beautiful DIY lids you can create to match your home. From eighteen 25.

Customize your mason jars for the bathroom with fabric and chalkboard labels. Love this mason jar idea from Club Chica Circle.

If you adore these ideas but have no time for crafting?  You can buy an amazing 5 piece mason jar bathroom set from Etsy seller talona!

Do you use mason jars for storage?

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Clever Ideas for Your Mason Jar Kitchen

Even though we all use Mason Jars throughout the house, the kitchen is just about the perfect place for them. I’d love to have a Mason Jar kitchen with the jars filling up an entire space.

Today, let’s all be inspired to create something beautiful using the Mason Jar in our kitchens!

 describes this blue Ball Mason Jar she created for sale in her Etsy shop. ” I nestled 3 paper mache eggs in dried prairie grass in the quart mason jar. The eggs are painted then dipped in wax. To finish I dusted them in spices.” It’s for sale in her Etsy shop for just $12.50.

This blue Ball Mason Jar is filled with primitive wax-dipped eggs! Love it for Easter - or just a rustic kitchen. Momcaster

Coastal Shore Creations made some DIY Mason Jar labels and tied them around her beautifully vintage jars. Storing everything from sea salt to colorful Quinoa in them, they are both functional and beautiful.
Rustic kitchen storage using Mason Jars and DIY labels. Perfection. -- Momcaster
Not only did Yarnovations make a Mason Jar soap dispenser, she dressed it up with this handmade owl cozy! Isn’t that fun? Cute as it can be! Even better – she shares the how-to on her site!
How to make a cute owl cozy for your Mason Jars!
What about you? How do YOU use Mason Jars in YOUR kitchen? Have any fun ideas you’d like to share with me? Just pop over to the Mason Jar Crafts Facebook page and show it off!
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Make Your 2014 Memory Jar

We all want some magic to hang onto the little moments that create the sweetest memories in our lives. But, keeping a journal can seem a task to those of us who aren’t good at committing to it. So, why not make your own Memory Jar?

I love the simplicity of this idea. Do you love it, too?

Order your Mason Jars on the cheap here.

Make a sweet 2014 Memory Jar to hang onto the little moments this year.

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Upcycle Spaghetti Sauce Jars

Yesterday, when I was emptying a spaghetti sauce jar of its last yummy contents, I wondered how I might upcycle it into something that could be useful, and even enjoyed. Of course, the crafty ladies of the internet did not disappoint! I continue to be amazed at the creativity that exists out in jar crafts land!


I’m crazy about the way these upcycled jars are decorated. The look so clean and elegant and if this cream color wasn’t your thing, any color that suits your decor (or wedding) would be lovely.
These upcycled jars are so stinking pretty!

(via Too Much Time)

Can you even believe this sweet little lamp used to be a spaghetti jar? What a super cool way to upcycle what may have otherwise been trash. Clever, clever!

This was once a spaghetti jar and now it's a DIY lamp. Very cool.(via: On the Upcycle)

I absolutely flipped over these upcycled spaghetti sauce jars. I see the knobs on sale at Hobby Lobby all the time, and I never know what to do with them. Next time, I’m grabbing a bunch!

These were once spaghetti sauce jars and now they're absolutely darling storage for the kitchen.(via Rachel’s Nest)