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50% Off Mason Jar Candles – Today Only

I just got a note that the Mason Jar candles at Bath & Body Works are half off today! The only thing better than a candle in a Mason Jar is a candle that’s 50% off. 🙂

I’m not an affiliate with Bath & Body Works, so I won’t make any money if you purchase these candles. I just thought it was a super good deal and wanted to share.  They’re just six bucks – today only.

Huge Mason Jar candle sale - 50% off.

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3 {gorgeous} Mason Jar Chandeliers

Mason Jar Chandeliers always delight me. There is something about them I am absolutely drawn to. You, too???

They somehow look “innocent,” if I can use that word to describe completely inanimate objects. 🙂

Beautiful Mason Jar Chandeliers - featured on MasonJarCraftsBlog

From BootsNGus, what do you think about this beautiful, hand-crafted Mason Jar chandelier? So rustic and lovely and perfect for your outdoor space or your wedding. Right?

Beautifully rustic Mason Jar chandelier - featured on Momcaster.

I hadn’t seen a Mason Jar chandelier quite like this one from Jared Deal. It’s so colorful! And I love that all the jars are different shapes and sizes.

Beautiful, colorful, DIY Mason Jar chandelier - Momcaster
This outdoor Mason Jar chandelier is sort of my speed. It’s easy enough! This Little Mama is the creator behind this beauty, and it’s one you’re going to want to pin so you can get it done by spring.
Before you scoot along, take a look at some of the other Mason Jar lights that have been featured here. There’s a LOT of talent and inspiration to be found!
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Upcycle Spaghetti Sauce Jars

Yesterday, when I was emptying a spaghetti sauce jar of its last yummy contents, I wondered how I might upcycle it into something that could be useful, and even enjoyed. Of course, the crafty ladies of the internet did not disappoint! I continue to be amazed at the creativity that exists out in jar crafts land!


I’m crazy about the way these upcycled jars are decorated. The look so clean and elegant and if this cream color wasn’t your thing, any color that suits your decor (or wedding) would be lovely.
These upcycled jars are so stinking pretty!

(via Too Much Time)

Can you even believe this sweet little lamp used to be a spaghetti jar? What a super cool way to upcycle what may have otherwise been trash. Clever, clever!

This was once a spaghetti jar and now it's a DIY lamp. Very cool.(via: On the Upcycle)

I absolutely flipped over these upcycled spaghetti sauce jars. I see the knobs on sale at Hobby Lobby all the time, and I never know what to do with them. Next time, I’m grabbing a bunch!

These were once spaghetti sauce jars and now they're absolutely darling storage for the kitchen.

(via Rachel’s Nest)

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An Aqua Shabby Mason Jar Chandy

I know I say this all the time (because I get so excited about Mason Jar crafts). But, OH MY LORD I’M IN LOVE. You’re gonna want to sit down for this because it’s Mason Jar amazeballs.

There is something about AQUA Mason Jars that makes my heart beat faster. Add them to a chandelier, and I’m gone.

This is via Shabbyfufu, and before you click over to her site, let me warn you… it’s major eye candy in her internet neck of the woods. The talent behind the blog is Janet Coon, and my gosh y’all, she’s got some kind of magic. Plan on spending some time there, and definitely check out her pink sweater pumpkins!

mason jar chandelier
via Shabbyfufu

Meanwhile sweet readers, I’m glad you’re still out there, loving Mason Jar crafts. I’ve had some health issues which have kept me from blogging the way I’d like for the past six weeks or so. I’m on the mend now, though!

Oh! And if you’re not hanging out with me on Momcaster, I’d love to see you there, too.  If there’s a man in your life who “kerbitches” about how much time you spend on Pinterest, show him this and make sure he scrolls ALL THE WAY DOWN. 🙂 That should shush him up.

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Patriotic 4th of July Mason Jars!

Whether you’re gearing up for a 4th of July celebration, or you just love red, white & blue, the Mason Jar crafts in today’s post are just for you!

They’re Yankee Doodle Awesome! As always, make sure you click each photo to visit the blogger’s website and learn how she made them!

4th of July Mason Jar Crafts

4th of july mason jars
Pin & Begin!

Love seeing the tapered candles stand straight in these Mason Jar centerpieces. Very different.

4th july mason jars
via Okio B Designs


These Mason Jar lanterns are so simple that they’re adorable … aren’t they? I just love them!

4th july mason jars
via The Happy Scraps


With the free printables Family Fresh Cooking is sharing with you, your Mason Jars are party ready!

4th july mason jars
via Family Fresh Cooking


If you love rustic & prim, these are so perfect for your 4th of July decor… or for your Americana accents throughout the year.

americana mason jars
by Marie Browning on Women’s Deals


This sweet Mason Jar was decorated by a kiddo and when it gets dark out, a little battery operated votive lights it up in a pretty cool way! This would be super fun for a family to do for the holiday.

via Fantastic Fun & Learning






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Pretty in Pastel – Mason Jar Crafts

I’m in the mood for color! These four Mason Jar crafts range from soft pastels to bright rainbow colors and they are absolutely delicious. Prepare to fall in love, y’all.

Pastel Mason Jars


Are these Mason Jar party lights anything short of fabulous? I’m mad for them! They’d be so lovely on a deck during a spring or summer party on the patio, wouldn’t they?

mason jar party lights
via Redesign Revolution

From the Etsy shop Limb Trim, crush on these sweet, ombre, pastel painted Mason Jars. Cute as a monkey in a cowboy hat riding a pig. 🙂

pastel mason jars
via Limb Trim

These Lime Sherbet floats in Mason Jars look so cool and refreshing, don’t they? Scoot over to Home Cooking Memories to learn how to make them. Hint: You’ll only need 2 ingredients! Isn’t that awesome?

mason jar floats
via Home Cooking Memories

Check out these bright,rainbow cupcakes in Mason Jars! So, so pretty. You can get the how-t on Just Easy Recipes, a South African “guide to simple, tasty recipes.”

mason jar rainbow cake
via Just Easy Recipes



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Totally Unique Mason Jar Lamps

So I was tooling around the web recently when I saw a couple Mason Jar crafts on Lifehacker that I’d never seen before. Sure, I’ve seen LOTS of Mason Jar lights of all sorts, and I always fall in love with them. I can admit this addiction to you because we’re pretend internet best friends. 🙂

But, this “Blind Phineas” (Chris Holmes) has created what he calls “Industrial” Mason Jar lamps that are really pretty different and I’m completely diggin’ them!

Mason Jar Crafts - Lights

Mason Jar Crafts Idol

Y’all know Mason Jar Crafts make me happier than a goat butting a stump, right? So, tonight, rather than being out on a hot date with my very handsome Tall Man, I decided to show off some Mason Jar Lights (and the blogs that create them) that are favorites of mine. 

Mason Jar Crafts - Decorating Mason Jar Crafts - Lights

Stunning Custom Aqua Mason Jar

mason jar chandelier aqua
via Shabby FuFu on Etsy

This is by far one of the prettiest Mason Jar chandeliers I think I’ve ever seen. I love the aqua colors and the …

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Mason Jar Solar Lights

mason jar solar light
via Family, Home and Life