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Mason Jar Sippy Cup DIY

I had always admired the utility of mason jar sippy cups since I have toddlers at home. However, their price inhibited me from having one of my own. That was until I came across a tutorial on The Glass Baby Bottle, which showed me that making one would not be much of a trouble. My creations have become one of the greatest possessions of my kids and whenever it comes to drinking, they just can’t do without these.

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Simple DIY Mason Jar Bridal Shower Favors

I was in charge of my cousin sister’s bridal shower that was held a few months ago at our ancestral home in Alabama. Since my sister is an ardent coffee fan, I decided to make that a theme for the bridal shower favors. After browsing through a lot of websites for ideas, a tutorial on something turquoise caught my attention.

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Homemade Mason Jar Air Freshener

After a hard day at work, walking into a home filled with magical aroma takes away all the tiredness and infuses a new energy. The dozens of air fresheners at the stores may represent a dizzying variety but you should be aware of their high chemical content. After coming across an idea shared on ThriftyFun, my love for mason jars grew manifold and I started with my line of scented air fresheners.

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How to Make Burlap Mason Jars

Burlap mason jars are the epitome of charm in interior décor. Their rustic appeal can transform the ambiance of any celebration in a unique style.  Though the skills required are minimal, the attractive piece is undoubtedly a feather in your cap.

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Mason Jar Flower Arrangements: DIY Ideas

Mason jars seem to be ruling every home in the recent times, with people choosing these cute looking jars for making every object of daily utility. Off late, my garden is blooming with sweet smelling flowers, and I can’t wait to arrange them uniquely in vases made from mason jars. After spending some time on the web, I came up with a galore of ideas that would help me in making cute bouquets which I can elegantly decorate in some of my upcycled mason jars I got hold of last week. Let me have the pleasure of sharing some of them with you.

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Engraved Mason Jars: A Plethora of Interesting DIY’s

As a creative escape from the drudgery of my 9 to 5 job, I enrolled in glass etching classes last year. The classes involved lots of glass engraving activities, and though I had to go through the initial learning hiccups, I nailed it at the end. Taking a cue from Sometimes Homemade, my first glass etching project at home was with mason jars.

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Mini Mason Jars Wedding Favor: A Myriad of Engrossing Ideas

According to me, mason jars are the best picks for a rustic-themed wedding décor. Centerpieces, flower vases, or string lights, the options are endless. At a recent marriage ceremony of a close friend, I got a chance to showcase my creative skills turning a bunch of mini mason jars into delightful favors.

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Mason Jar Vases: Exciting DIYs

A pair of colorful vases made from mason jars that I spotted at my best pal’s baby shower celebrations took my breath away. On returning home, I wasted no further time in checking out a few designs on the web, and a tutorial on momtastic helped me make my first mason jar vase which I flaunted with pride at a house party.

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Mason Jar Glass with Handles: A Galore of Ideas

Having experimented a whole lot of DIYs with my upcycled mason jars, I still keep craving for more. I always had a special fascination for mason jar glasses with handles and was utterly elated when I got four of them as Christmas gifts. Couldn’t wait long to try something innovative on them, plus add faux handles to a couple of spare glasses lying in my kitchen. Let me share with you all that I had planned to do.

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DIY Mason Jar Pin Cushion Tutorial

A pin cushion comes handy to most sewing enthusiasts as digging out the tiny needles and pins from a drawer or box can be irksome. Not only does it provide an accessible spot for the sewing essentials, but you can also keep and carry it anywhere. Few days back I came across a tutorial on Momtastic that showed a simple way to make a no-sew pin cushion with mason jar. Here is my version.