How to Make Mason Jar Patio Lights

Embellishing the patio with a string of lights undoubtedly exudes warmth and brilliance when the sun sets in. As always, mason jars seem to have become a statement piece for home décor enthusiasts like me. A bit of guidance from Doused in Pink was all I needed to dress the courtyard of my new abode right before throwing a rocking house warming party for friends and family.

Mason Jar Flower Arrangements: DIY Ideas

Mason jars seem to be ruling every home in the recent times, with people choosing these cute looking jars for making every object of daily utility. Off late, my garden is blooming with sweet smelling flowers, and I can’t wait to arrange them uniquely in vases made from mason jars. After spending some time on the web, I came up with a galore of ideas that would help me in making cute bouquets which I can elegantly decorate in some {Read More}

Mason Jar Vases: Exciting DIYs

A pair of colorful vases made from mason jars that I spotted at my best pal’s baby shower celebrations took my breath away. On returning home, I wasted no further time in checking out a few designs on the web, and a tutorial on momtastic helped me make my first mason jar vase which I flaunted with pride at a house party.

DIY Mason Jar Hangers

Mason jar hangers are versatile décor items to rejuvenate your living space in style. While there are options aplenty to transform them into useful stuff like chandeliers, votive candle holders, lanterns, hanging candle lights, etc., the great experience of recycling the old, worn out jars is unique and priceless.

DIY Mason Jar Planters

A large chunk of urban dwellers like me cooped inside high-rise apartments are always on the lookout for an outdoor access where a mini garden can be made, giving the eyes a dose of greenery. For some reason, store-bought plastic planters have just not been able to fulfill my desire to grow plants. Surprisingly, while browsing for an environment-friendly alternative, I chanced upon a tutorial on Rental Revival that motivated me to keep my green thumb alive. Read on to {Read More}

DIY Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Bird-lovers will find this idea of recycling mason jars very interesting. I made mine inspired by a post in Home Grown and ever since I have been happy to note a steep rise in the number of winged visitors to my garden. I am glad to provide a tutorial here on how I did it.

How to Grow Scallions (Green Onions) in a Jar

I had no idea you could grow green onions in a Mason Jar with only water. The Kitchn (an amazing blog you should visit often) shows you how easy it can be to (re)grow onions right on your window sill. 

Mason Jar Craft – Outdoor Lights

Paperwhite Bulb & Mason Jar Planters

Click the photo to visit the creator’s website for the “how-to.”      

Grow Basil in a Mason Jar

Click the photo to visit the creator’s website for more information on this Mason Jar craft.