Win $25 – It’s Easy!

Would you like to win an easy $25 Amazon Gift Card? It’s super easy to enter (and hopefully win) in this little contest, and some entries are allowed several times a day! This is just my way of appreciating you and brightening your Mason Jar lovin’ day! Have fun and GOOD LUCK! a Rafflecopter giveaway

5 Super Fun Mason Jar Projects for Kids

I’m loving today’s featured Mason Jar projects for kids. Is there anything a Mason Jar can’t do? 🙂 If you have kids, you’ll appreciate these fun projects that can teach some very valuable lessons – and are super fun!   This is such a cool Mason Jar project for kids and Moms. Good Girl and/or Good Boy Jars! Lullaby Lubbock offers her little girl a way to earn lovely events (like ice cream with Dad) by rewarding each little milestone {Read More}

Mason Jar Gift for a Teacher

This is cute as a puppy’s nose. Plucking Daisies came up with this sweet teacher’s gift using a good old Mason Jar, Mod Podge, Washi Tape… and several more inexpensive materials. Of the hundreds of Mason Jar crafts I’ve pulled together on this site, I think this is the very first Dr. Seuss themed Mason Jar craft! Fun!

How to Grow Scallions (Green Onions) in a Jar

I had no idea you could grow green onions in a Mason Jar with only water. The Kitchn (an amazing blog you should visit often) shows you how easy it can be to (re)grow onions right on your window sill. 

Rain Cloud in a Mason Jar

If you’re a Mason Jar fan, you know for sure there are endless ways to use a Mason Jar. But, a rain cloud in a Mason Jar? Who would have “thunk” it?