Autumn Jars – Easy & Awesome

I get so excited every year when I know that autumn is around the corner. Although we’re still in the middle of a hot August here in the Midwest, fall weather is calling my name. These autumn jars that I’ve found across the web really help me feel like I’m drawing closer to my favorite time of year. 

10 Pretty Mod Podge Jars

I love Mod Podge and I love Mason Jars, so it stands to reason I would be in love with any craft that involves both of those things. The Mod Podge jars below are so, so pretty. I think they’re so cute, and could be used in so many versatile ways.

8 {Gorgeous} Mason Jar Wedding Invitations

Mason jar wedding invitations are perfect for your mason jar themed wedding.  They can give people a feel for your crafty, rustic wedding before they ever arrive.  So many people are incorporating their love of mason jars into their wedding decor and with good reason – they’re pretty and versatile and you can turn them into anything you want. So if you’re looking for some design inspiration, here are just a few of the gorgeous mason jar wedding invitations we {Read More}

Bling Makes Beautiful Mason Jars

Let’s talk bling & Mason Jars, y’all. I can’t help but love it when someone creates something completely shiny & “blinged out” using a Mason Jar. Whether it’s glitter, or pearls, or rhinestones, I absolutely flip out. The Mason Jar crafts you’ll see below could be perfect for all sorts of things. Weddings, storage, or dropping a votive inside for super cute, super bling lighting.

Patriotic 4th of July Mason Jars!

Whether you’re gearing up for a 4th of July celebration, or you just love red, white & blue, the Mason Jar crafts in today’s post are just for you! They’re Yankee Doodle Awesome! As always, make sure you click each photo to visit the blogger’s website and learn how she made them! 4th of July Mason Jar Crafts Love seeing the tapered candles stand straight in these Mason Jar centerpieces. Very different.   These Mason Jar lanterns are so simple {Read More}

A Perfect Picnic – Starring the Mason Jar!

If it didn’t feel like Kansas had been relocated to Hell this weekend, I’d be outside beneath the umbrella on my patio enjoying the perfect picnic.  I love a picnic – when it’s not so hot & muggy my nose is in danger of melting off. Insane heat not withstanding, when you see the perfect picnic ideas (using Mason Jars) these talented ladies have come up with, no doubt you’ll likely be as wowed as I am. This is absolute {Read More}

How to Make 4th of July Mason Jar Glasses

These 4th of July themed Mason Jar glasses are all dressed up for the big day!  They’re about ten kinds of cute, aren’t they? You May Need…

A Mason Jar BBQ

Holy cow, holy smokes, and holy Mason Jars! If you’re going to have a BBQ this summer,  you are going to want to visit these talented bloggers who have turned Mason Jars into outdoor certified BBQ yumminess. You’re gonna LOVE this!

Mason Jar Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is almost here and there is just no way a website called Mason Jar Crafts Blog can suggest you do anything other than make Dad some Mason Jar gifts!  And bonus – these DIY gifts for the man in the house will make for some super fun for you and the kiddos.   Mason Jar Gifts for Father’s Day   1. Live Laugh Rowe – Can you even stand the cuteness of these Mason Jar gifts for Dad? This {Read More}

4th of July Mason Jar Crafts

Hey ya’ll, 4th of July is coming, and there are so many fun crafts and recipes you can make using Mason Jars, it boggles my Yankee Doodle mind. 🙂