Bling Makes Beautiful Mason Jars

Let’s talk bling & Mason Jars, y’all. I can’t help but love it when someone creates something completely shiny & “blinged out” using a Mason Jar. Whether it’s glitter, or pearls, or rhinestones, I absolutely flip out.

The Mason Jar crafts you’ll see below could be perfect for all sorts of things. Weddings, storage, or dropping a votive inside for super cute, super bling lighting.


bling mason jars

Every time someone pins or shares this pic, an angel gets a Mason Jar.


5 Super Pretty Bling & Mason Jar Combinations!


Dilly Dally Dreams – Just go ahead and try not to love these colorful and sparkly Mason Jars. They are cute as a speckled pup. ๐Ÿ™‚

mason jar bling

via Dilly Dally Dreams

Badoozle Nation – Stand back, kids! Someone craftier than me (which is basically every human on the planet), has bedazzled Mason Jars. I declare it awesome.

mason jar bling

via Badoozle Nation

Bertoli Bridal – The coral and pearl accents on these jars make me want to get married again. ย That’s not a bad reason to get married when you think about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

bling mason jars

via Bertoli Bridal

Mrs. Polly Rogers – Looky, looky at these! Let me go ahead and break this Mason Jar craft down using math.

Bling x 10 = I love these jars!

sparkle mason jars

via Mrs. Polly Rogers

Michelle Paige Blog – Burlap, pearls, and rhinestones all come together for something truly elegant. Am I crazy about these? Why, yes. Yes, I am!

pearl rhinestone mason jars

via Michelle Paige Blog

What do you think of these? Tell me in the comments below. Aren’t they lovely?

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