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6 Incredibly Precious Altered Mason Jars

by Sher Bailey 21st March 2023



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Have you seen altered mason jars yet? Oh my gosh, y’all. They are so, so beautiful.

These altered Mason Jars created by some very talented bloggers are lovely from top to bottom. I can’t decide which is my favorite because I love them all!

altered mason jars

Altered Mason Jars

altered mason jars
via Earth Angels Studios
altered mason jar
via Kard Krazy
altered mason jar
via Paxton Valley Folk Art
altered mason jars
via Crescendoh
altered mason jars
via Shabby Chic Inspired
altered mason jars
via My Cup Runneth Over

One thought on “6 Incredibly Precious Altered Mason Jars

  1. Barbara, aka bdjeepers says:

    Oh my – you’ve just given me the grandiose idea of decorating my new blue pint jars with some paper cuttings from my Cameo! There’s no end to the wonderful ways of the magnificent mason!

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