About Us

Mason Jar Craft Blog is, of course, a blog dedicated to all the wonderful things you can do with the simple glass bottles that are better known as mason jars. Seriously, there’s nothing you can’t do with a mason jar – whether it’s making some delicious dessert, or recycling your old spice jars to make an artistic masterpiece – there is literally no limit to the possibilities.  

And the existence of this website shows how much we, the team behind Mason Jar Crafts Blog, love mason jar and all we can do with it. We are a bunch of DIY and craft enthusiasts always on the hunt for simple stuff one can make at home. Whenever possible, we try making these ‘crafts’ at home or in our studio, and then let you know the little secrets for making them work. The primary object of the website is to help people make exquisite mason jar pieces themselves instead of spending a fortune for something similar. Hope we can help you too!

For the love of mason jars... and crafts