4th of July Mason Jar Crafts

Hey ya’ll, 4th of July is coming, and there are so many fun crafts and recipes you can make using Mason Jars, it boggles my Yankee Doodle mind. 🙂

These 4th of July Mason Jar crafts are super fun and super cute. But for sure they aren’t the only 4th of July crafts on this blog. Oh no! Click on Mason Jar Celebrations at the top of your screen for lots more ideas to ensure you have a “dynamite” 4th!


4th of July Mason Jar Crafts

mason jar crafts 4th of july

 From top left to right…

1. 4th of July Painted & Embellished Mason Jars – Chase the Star

2. Mason Jar 4th of July Candles – Organized Island

3.  Glitter & Paint Mason Jars – Lilyshop (perfect for an outdoor 4th of July party if you change up the pain colors!)

4. Mason Jar 4th of July Cupcakes – All Things Cheilsea

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