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Mason Jar Sippy Cup DIY

I had always admired the utility of mason jar sippy cups since I have toddlers at home. However, their price inhibited me from having one of my own. That was until I came across a tutorial on The Glass Baby Bottle, which showed me that making one would not be much of a trouble. My creations have become one of the greatest possessions of my kids and whenever it comes to drinking, they just can’t do without these.

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Simple DIY Mason Jar Bridal Shower Favors

I was in charge of my cousin sister’s bridal shower that was held a few months ago at our ancestral home in Alabama. Since my sister is an ardent coffee fan, I decided to make that a theme for the bridal shower favors. After browsing through a lot of websites for ideas, a tutorial on something turquoise caught my attention.

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Easy Mason Jar Spice Rack Tutorial

My kitchen spice rack used to be a mess with unkempt bottles and jars that I found hard to identify that which one contained which spice. There was spice strewn everywhere on the rack and there was an inevitable mixture of the spices. In one word, it was complete disorganization, to say the least. The days that I earmarked for cleaning the kitchen would almost drive me crazy while cleaning the spice rack. Being an avid net surfer, one day I unexpectedly tripped upon a wonderful spice storage idea outlined in A COZY KITCHEN that I tried out for myself.

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Homemade Mason Jar Air Freshener

After a hard day at work, walking into a home filled with magical aroma takes away all the tiredness and infuses a new energy. The dozens of air fresheners at the stores may represent a dizzying variety but you should be aware of their high chemical content. After coming across an idea shared on ThriftyFun, my love for mason jars grew manifold and I started with my line of scented air fresheners.

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Make Your Own Painted Mason Jar Centerpieces

Did you know you can hand paint your old used mason jars to make beautiful centerpieces? They constitute an excellent albeit cheap décor item for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, Christmas parties, etc.

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Creative Ideas for Making Easter Crafts with Mason Jars

When it’s Easter, you can think beyond eggs and other conventional themes. Right from whipping out a favorite sweet treat to decking the house with bunnies (not the real ones) and flower pots, here are some fabulous ways to put distressed mason jars to the best use.

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DIY Mason Jar Kitchen Lights

Add creativity to the kitchen by repurposing old mason jars. They look beautiful when hung from the ceiling and act as an effective source of light for smoothly running your kitchen chores. I wanted an interesting lighting arrangement for my new kitchen and was inspired by a project featured in HubPages after browsing through several homemade light ideas.

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Mason Jars for Wedding Sand Ceremony

Ubiquitous at most wedding occasions, the sand ceremony symbolizes the unity of two lives (the bride and the groom), and their respective families. You can take the privilege of collecting sand from your favorite beach or just pick the colored ones visiting any art and craft store. As for the glass receptacles, you can rely on mason jars. Just deck the nifty jars and let the couple have a whale of a time playing with the sand.

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How to Make Mason Jar Patio Lights

Embellishing the patio with a string of lights undoubtedly exudes warmth and brilliance when the sun sets in. As always, mason jars seem to have become a statement piece for home décor enthusiasts like me. A bit of guidance from Doused in Pink was all I needed to dress the courtyard of my new abode right before throwing a rocking house warming party for friends and family.

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Homemade Mason Jar Centerpieces For Bridal Shower

Bridal showers could be the perfect occasion to recycle mason jars to create adorable centerpieces. I put my treasure of mason jars to use recently at my cousin’s bridal shower celebrations and was happy to earn accolades for my crafting spirit. During the course of the evening, it became increasingly clear to the family that the guests were swarming to the tables not only for the dinner and refreshments but to have a look at the mason jar decorations since almost all of them congratulated me on my efforts immediately afterward. I thought compiling a few centerpiece ideas in this post along with the tutorials could inspire many mason jar lovers like me.