Tons and tons of jar crafts!

{Precious} Mason Jar Baby Shower Invitations

Take a look at these adorable Mason Jar baby shower invitations I found by Stellar Designs Pro. Just $21. They're gender neutral and have a lovely … [Continue reading]

Mason Jar Wedding Glasses – Mr. Right & Mrs. ALWAYS Right

If you're having a Mason Jar themed wedding, or you know someone who is, how funny are these? The only thing I would change would be to do the old … [Continue reading]

Cake in Jars! Where do I sign?

Look at this, y'all. "Jar gems." They look amazing and I'm sure they're delicious. What could be better than a little sweet treat in a Mason … [Continue reading]

Travel Money Jar – Save For a Getaway

From Instagram user Katherine Gage1, how about this cute idea? It's a Travel Money Jar! Clever, right? If you're planning a vacation, or a little … [Continue reading]

Make Your 2014 Memory Jar

We all want some magic to hang onto the little moments that create the sweetest memories in our lives. But, keeping a journal can seem a task to those … [Continue reading]

Mason Jar Drink Idea! Pineapple-Orange

Doesn't this Pineapple Orange drink look refreshing (and so adorable) in this Mason Jar? What a pretty idea for a drink! via by herfitnessbox … [Continue reading]

Super Bowl Party Ideas – in Mason Jars!

Fantastic ideas for your Super Bowl party - and they're all in a JAR!

The Super Bowl is Sunday, February 2nd this year. If you're planning a party to watch the game, I know you're tearing Pinterest up right now looking … [Continue reading]

Upcycle Spaghetti Sauce Jars

This was once a spaghetti jar and now it's a DIY lamp. Very cool.

Yesterday, when I was emptying a spaghetti sauce jar of its last yummy contents, I wondered how I might upcycle it into something that could be … [Continue reading]

Yummy Valentine’s Gifts in Jars

Sweet Valentine gifts in jars.

I adore jars, and even though I've never been a real "Valentine's Day" kind of girl, I find these lovely examples of sweetness and love completely … [Continue reading]

Halloween Mason Jars

Spooky Halloween Mason Jars

Halloween Mason Jars! Are you ready for the annual celebration or orange and black and all things spookalicious? I can't wait. Crisp fall air and … [Continue reading]