Homemade Kahlua in Mason Jars

IMG_6614 (640x480)

Homemade Kahlua? Can I get a oh-hells-yes-please? Carol Remsburg, a cook among cooks, just whipped up a batch of her famous Homemade Kahlua and mercy, mercy… I want to go to there. She says she has neighbors beating down her doors. I totally get it. I’m in Kansas and she’s in Maryland and I am about half ready to get in my car so I can beat down her door, too! Enjoy this wonderful post from Carol, and please visit {Read More}

Cake in Jars! Where do I sign?

Look at this, y’all. “Jar gems.” They look amazing and I’m sure they’re delicious. What could be better than a little sweet treat in a Mason Jar? Via Instagram user 2gemstreatsuite. (Order your Mason Jars in bulk on everybody’s fave… Amazon.)

Mason Jar Drink Idea! Pineapple-Orange

Doesn’t this Pineapple Orange drink look refreshing (and so adorable) in this Mason Jar? What a pretty idea for a drink! via by herfitnessbox on Instagram.  Get the best deals on your Mason Jars on good ole Amazon. 

Super Bowl Party Ideas – in Mason Jars!

Fantastic ideas for your Super Bowl party - and they're all in a JAR!

The Super Bowl is Sunday, February 2nd this year. If you’re planning a party to watch the game, I know you’re tearing Pinterest up right now looking for cool ideas to make yours the Super Bowl party to remember. And if you’re a Mason Jar lover, I know you’re not going to feel quite yourself unless you incorporate them somehow. Right? So, my darlings, here are some really fun things you can do with your “jar babies” on the biggest {Read More}

Mason Jars & Candy

cotton candy in mason jars

For whatever reason, I had Mason Jars & Candy on the brain tonight. That’s weird. I decided to do what I do and go in search of the coolest Mason Jar crafts & recipes I could find – and sure enough – the talented people of the world did not disappoint. From cotton candy in jars (that you could use as wedding or shower favors), to creating a Snickers trifle in a jar, you’re going to flip over these Mason {Read More}

Mason Jar Pancakes – Just for Fun

mason jar pancakes

Mason Jar Pancakes. Those three words make me want to stop writing mid-sentence and get myself to the International House of You Know What. Spoonful of Fit has an amazing recipe for Fluffy Coconut Pancakes that are made with Greek Yogurt and Almond Milk (among other things). But, tasty as they sound, that’s not what caught my eye for the Mason Jar Crafts Blog. Check it. Clark Pharm, using Spoonful of Fit’s awesome pancake recipe, has packaged some up in {Read More}

5 Delicious Mason Jar Recipes

mason jar recipes

I must be hungry this morning, because I’m drawn to finding delicious Mason Jar recipes. I never cease to be amazed at the incredible foods people can prepare, serve & store in Mason Jars. 

Mason Jars Theme – Orange

orange mason jars

I have orange on my mind today, so I decided to see what brilliant & talented bloggers have created in combining orange and Mason Jars. Naturally I wasn’t disappointed. We can make incredible orange-flavored cookies, a super sweet smelling household cleaner, and some spicy snacks in an unusual combination. Mercy, y’all… these are some talented Mason Jar lovin’ people!

A Perfect Picnic – Starring the Mason Jar!

perfect picnic

If it didn’t feel like Kansas had been relocated to Hell this weekend, I’d be outside beneath the umbrella on my patio enjoying the perfect picnic.  I love a picnic – when it’s not so hot & muggy my nose is in danger of melting off. Insane heat not withstanding, when you see the perfect picnic ideas (using Mason Jars) these talented ladies have come up with, no doubt you’ll likely be as wowed as I am. This is absolute {Read More}

Mason Jar Cocktail Recipes

mason jar cocktail recipes

I don’t know if it’s because it’s getting hot out, or because my liver feels I don’t pay it enough attention. But, I have Mason Jar cocktail recipes on the brain today.  Are ya with me or against me? Fact: Mason Jar cocktail recipes are ten times more awesome than regular cocktails. Do you know why? Because you drink them out of Mason Jars. (You totally saw that coming – I know this.) 4 Deliciously Yummy Mason Jar Cocktail Recipes {Read More}