Tons and tons of jar crafts!

Homemade Kahlua in Mason Jars

IMG_6614 (640x480)

Homemade Kahlua? Can I get a oh-hells-yes-please? Carol Remsburg, a cook among cooks, just whipped up a batch of her famous Homemade Kahlua and mercy, mercy… I want to go to there. She says she has neighbors beating down her doors. I totally get it. I’m in Kansas and she’s in Maryland and I am […]

Yummy Valentine’s Gifts in Jars

Sweet Valentine gifts in jars.

I adore jars, and even though I’ve never been a real “Valentine’s Day” kind of girl, I find these lovely examples of sweetness and love completely irresistible. Forget a card someone else wrote! Make your Valentine something special with these gifts in jars. (via ~ Shaken Together Life ) I love the look of this […]

Mason Jars & Candy

cotton candy in mason jars

For whatever reason, I had Mason Jars & Candy on the brain tonight. That’s weird. I decided to do what I do and go in search of the coolest Mason Jar crafts & recipes I could find – and sure enough – the talented people of the world did not disappoint. From cotton candy in […]

20 DIY Mason Jar Gifts

mason jar gifts

Mason Jar gifts, baby! Wouldn’t it be awesome to create an entire closet full of gifts you make at home from Mason Jars, and have them for every occasion? Think of the money you’d save, not to mention how appreciative the recipients would be when they receive something so thoughtful and unique. 

Inspiration Jars

inspiration jars

I’m calling these Mason Jar crafts “Jars of Inspiration” because they really are. I love everything about them, and I think they’d make really thoughtful gifts.

Washi Tape Mason Jars

Washi tape mason jars

Washi Tape & Mason Jars go together like peanut butter & bananas!  There are so many colors & patterns in Washi Tape, the possibilities for decorating jars is limited only by your imagination! 

6 Fun Ways to Decorate Mason Jars

decorate mason jars

Let’s decorate Mason Jars! I love, love, love the way these crafty ladies have chosen to decorate their Mason Jars. Using everything from puffy paint, to Mod Podge, to beads, to felt, to feathers, to glitter – they have taken a plain jar and turned it into something beautiful. I love each and every example! 

5 Sets of Super Cute (FREE) Printable Jar Labels

free printable jar labels

Once you grab some of these free printable jar labels from some very talented (and generous) bloggers, your Mason Jars are going to be even more awesome than they already are. Love these! Designed by Emily McDowell, and available for download on Worldlabel Blog, these printable jar labels are so sweet. From How About Orange, […]

Mason Jar Candy Jars

mason jar candy jars

What do you think about this adorable switcheroo from Mason Jars to candy jars? I’m all for them!

Mason Jar Gift for a Teacher

teacher mason jar gift

This is cute as a puppy’s nose. Plucking Daisies came up with this sweet teacher’s gift using a good old Mason Jar, Mod Podge, Washi Tape… and several more inexpensive materials. Of the hundreds of Mason Jar crafts I’ve pulled together on this site, I think this is the very first Dr. Seuss themed Mason […]