DIY Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Bird-lovers will find this idea of recycling mason jars very interesting. I made mine inspired by a post in Home Grown and ever since I have been happy to note a steep rise in the number of winged visitors to my garden. I am glad to provide a tutorial here on how I did it.

How to Grow Scallions (Green Onions) in a Jar

I had no idea you could grow green onions in a Mason Jar with only water. The Kitchn (an amazing blog you should visit often) shows you how easy it can be to (re)grow onions right on your window sill. 

Mason Jar Craft – Outdoor Lights

Paperwhite Bulb & Mason Jar Planters

Click the photo to visit the creator’s website for the “how-to.”      

Grow Basil in a Mason Jar

Click the photo to visit the creator’s website for more information on this Mason Jar craft.  

Mason Jar Luminaries – Solar Powered

Amaryllis Flower Bulb & Mason Jar Christmas Decoration

Mason Jar Citronella Oil Lamp

When it’s warm enough for humans to want to sit outside, it’s warm enough for bugs to want to eat us alive. 🙂 This Mason Jar citronella oil  lamp is not only beautiful, (I love it’s simplicity), it’s functional. So much nicer, I think, than those citronella candles I usually buy that always seem to wind up covered in dead bugs. Ew!    

How to Make a Red 4th of July Mason Jar Centerpiece

Mason Jar Solar Lid Light