DIY Mason Jar Kitchen Lights

Add creativity to the kitchen by repurposing old mason jars. They look beautiful when hung from the ceiling and act as an effective source of light for smoothly running your kitchen chores. I wanted an interesting lighting arrangement for my new kitchen and was inspired by a project featured in HubPages after browsing through several homemade light ideas.

Mason Jars for Wedding Sand Ceremony

Ubiquitous at most wedding occasions, the sand ceremony symbolizes the unity of two lives (the bride and the groom), and their respective families. You can take the privilege of collecting sand from your favorite beach or just pick the colored ones visiting any art and craft store. As for the glass receptacles, you can rely on mason jars. Just deck the nifty jars and let the couple have a whale of a time playing with the sand.

How to Make Mason Jar Patio Lights

Embellishing the patio with a string of lights undoubtedly exudes warmth and brilliance when the sun sets in. As always, mason jars seem to have become a statement piece for home décor enthusiasts like me. A bit of guidance from Doused in Pink was all I needed to dress the courtyard of my new abode right before throwing a rocking house warming party for friends and family.

Homemade Mason Jar Centerpieces For Bridal Shower

Bridal showers could be the perfect occasion to recycle mason jars to create adorable centerpieces. I put my treasure of mason jars to use recently at my cousin’s bridal shower celebrations and was happy to earn accolades for my crafting spirit. During the course of the evening, it became increasingly clear to the family that the guests were swarming to the tables not only for the dinner and refreshments but to have a look at the mason jar decorations since {Read More}

Mason Jar Bridal Shower Invitations

Planning for the big day involves a lot of work right from fixing the venue to ordering cake. Add to it, the never-ending prenuptial events of which bridal shower holds a special place in every to-be bride’s life. When of one of our pals in the group was getting hitched, I being the maid of honor planned the theme and made the arrangements. The last leg of the exercise was sending out invitation cards to the guests. Keeping in mind the {Read More}

How to Make Burlap Mason Jars

Burlap mason jars are the epitome of charm in interior décor. Their rustic appeal can transform the ambiance of any celebration in a unique style.  Though the skills required are minimal, the attractive piece is undoubtedly a feather in your cap.

DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Set

Enhance your bathroom décor with a quaint mason jar bathroom set that adds a hint of charm to the otherwise plain surroundings. Since the commercial ones are pricey, it would be the best option to go the DIY way for a lively bathroom space customized to fit your aesthetics. Add to it, the immense satisfaction you get after finishing a homemade project.

Mason Jar Flower Arrangements: DIY Ideas

Mason jars seem to be ruling every home in the recent times, with people choosing these cute looking jars for making every object of daily utility. Off late, my garden is blooming with sweet smelling flowers, and I can’t wait to arrange them uniquely in vases made from mason jars. After spending some time on the web, I came up with a galore of ideas that would help me in making cute bouquets which I can elegantly decorate in some {Read More}

Engraved Mason Jars: A Plethora of Interesting DIY’s

As a creative escape from the drudgery of my 9 to 5 job, I enrolled in glass etching classes last year. The classes involved lots of glass engraving activities, and though I had to go through the initial learning hiccups, I nailed it at the end. Taking a cue from Sometimes Homemade, my first glass etching project at home was with mason jars.

How to Make Mason Jar Solar Lights

Beautify your backyard with a string of solar lights using repurposed mason jars that glow like the stars when the night sets in. A sudden stint with ThriftDee while browsing some recipes for chocolate brownies two weeks ago stoked the crafter in me to experiment something unique with the good old mason jars. A bit of help from my twin helped me light up my mini garden.